It’s The Foundation

While the table base is an unsung hero in many food service facilities, we at JI Bases know it is the foundation of the food service business.

Competition for the ever-growing food service market, whether it be Quick Serve, Family, or Fine Dining gets more intense each year. Diners want to go where they feel the most comfortable with their surroundings, causing more food service facilities to “re-image” their existing operations. What should not be overlooked is that this new “image” must be built on the proper foundation. Regardless of how effective the furniture, fabric, lighting, wall décor, etc., are in achieving the desired result, all is lost without the proper foundation. The proper foundation of any food service venue starts with the lowest-cost product in the facility, one that is seldom seen, the pedestal table base.

  • It’s the foundation of the experience for diners: A wobbly, insubstantial table suggests inferior quality, and cheapens the dining experience.
  • It’s the foundation of efficiency for operations: A poorly designed base is a nightmare to keep clean and well-maintained.
  • It’s the foundation of value for owners: While attractive, residential tables and table bases simply won’t hold up to the demands of a busy food service operation.

Our “professional grade” restaurant table bases are a simple, inexpensive way to eliminate potential problems and promote operational efficiency.