Table Base Components

Professional Grade Cast Iron Table Base Components

Top Plate:
top plate 121 top plate 17 top plate 24

Cast Iron Top Plates

  • Made from recycled grey iron…a material that will not bend or “flex” like steel top plates.
  • Available in 3 sizes to support a wide range of tabletops.
  • Feature 8 holes to allow for solid attachment of the base to the top.
  • Electrostatic black textured finish is easy to clean and minimizes any chance of rusting.
  • Raised channels around bolt hole secure bolt head in place for additional support and stability.







Base and Top plates for stainless steel bases have notched mounting plates attached that align with notches in the column to prevent spinning.  See here for assembly instructions.

TP12N-3 and TP-17N-3 are used on 18" & 22" bases

TP17N-4 and TP-24N-4 are used on 28" bases


Center Column:

Cast Iron Center Column

  • Welded 16-gauge steel tubing is precisely cut square on both ends to ensure maximum stability.
  • All exposed surfaces have electrostatic black textured powder coat applied for durability and ease of cleaning.
  • Square head bolt, 7/16″-15 one-piece construction, zinc plated steel.
  • Available in 3″ and 4″ diameters (both dining & bar height)

Stainless Steel Center Column

  • SS_Column_showing_Notch.jpgWelded 16-gauge steel tubing precisely cut square with notches that align with top plates & base plate to limit movement.
  • #304 stainless steel in brushed finish
  • Square head 7/16" bolt, one-piece construction, zinc plated steel
  • 3" columns for 18" & 22" round (both dining & bar height)
  • 4" columns for 28" round (both dining & bar height)

Note:  stainless steel columns can not be upgraded due to the notches which prevents movement of the column.

Requesting Footrings on bar columns

Standard column specifications are above.  If you add a footring, the footring is a one-piece welded construction on the standard column.FootringCloseUp.jpg

  • 3" columns have a 19" footring
  • 4" columns have a 22" footring


For stainless steel footrings, the size of the column cannot be upgraded. They are limited because of the notches (see above).  The diameter of the footring is the same as for our cast iron bases.

Base Plate:
Multi_Bases2.jpg Stainless steel table base plate

Cast Iron Base Plates (sits on the floor)

  • Made from recycled grey iron that will not bend or flex. The base plate is the counter weight to the table and most important part of the table base.
  • The underside of our cast iron base plate has support ridges that give additional support to the column while adding strength to the over-all base.
  • Installed with the MPG1 molded plastic glide.
  • Electrostatic black textured powder coating finish stands up to cleaning products, shoe marks and prevents rust rings
  • Offered in many sizes and style to meet your needs.


Stainless Steel Base Plates

  • Stainless steel cover over steel plate
  • #304 interior grade stainless steel in brushed finish
  • offered in 18", 22", and 28" rounds
  • Installed with GL-JOG-208 molded plastic glide
Miscellaneous Items
MPG1_glide.jpg Glide_JOG-208V_Larger_than_JOG-202V_Stainless_Stee_Table_Base_Glide_-_Copy.jpg platform.jpg


MPG1 - for cast iron bases only

  • Standard glide - molded black plastic/nylon 
  • 1" diameter; stem 1/4" 20; 3/8" L (stem is galvanized to help prevent rusting), allows for hand adjustment on uneven floors
  • Used on all floor surfaces
  • Not used on stainless steel bases.


GL-JOG-208 - for stainless steel bases

  • Pinwheel-style molded black plastic/nylon glide
  • 1.3" diameter, stem 1/3"x1/4" L (stem is galvanized to prevent rusting), allows for hand adjustment on uneven floors
  • Used on all floor surfaces
  • Not available on cast iron bases


Assembly Aids

Assembly Platform

This assembly platform is unique to JI Bases.  Made from recycled paper & packed with each base, customers place it between the set-up surface (usually the floor) and the top plate (assembly is "upside down").  By using this little helper, the base assembles in under 1 minute!


4" Fiber Centering Ring

4_Inch_Fiber_Centering_Ring2.jpg The 4" fiber centering ring is included for those who have purchased an upgrade from the 3" to the 4" columns.  The centering ring takes the place of the "nubs" or routing on the base plates that are used for centering the 3" column.

Place the centering ring on the end of the bolt BETWEEN the column and the base plate.