About Our Table Base Company

At JI Bases, we put a whole lot of thinking into something “nobody thinks about.”

In 1958 in the days before you could find a restaurant on every corner of every street – Franklin Jacobs founded a company that would eventually become the largest manufacturer of commercial furniture in the world. It all started with a revolutionary design- the 4 Prong table base; the same one that our company still manufactures and sales today. Made from cast iron and manufactured to Frank’s exacting standards, our table bases withstand the daily demands of food service. Soon the company was manufacturing in five countries and had sales throughout the world. In 2006, Frank and his son Michael established a new company in China. Jacobs International built a factory in Shenzhen and began to service the growing food service industry throughout the Pacific Rim. In 2006, Jacobs International was awarded a highly coveted business license from the Chinese government to become a W.O.F.E (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise) and a true licensed exporter. In 2009, Michael founded JI Bases to service the needs of O.E.M manufacturers in the U.S. With a home office and warehouse holding extensive inventories in St. Louis, Missouri, JI Bases is managed by people who have been in the industry and with the Jacobs family for more than 30 years.

Since 1958, the people at JI Bases have been designing, manufacturing and delivering what has proven to be the most dependable professional-grade wholesale table bases on the planet. Simply put, our table bases are created to withstand any  possible destruction. Here are more reasons why JI Bases creates customers for life:


  • We ship anywhere in 24 hours, direct to you or your job-site
  • No excuses, just-in-time delivery
  • Manufactured by our company in our own facility in China
  • We warehouse so you don’t have to
  • You can talk to a live expert
  • Our company is built on a foundation of no excuses customer service: if it’s not right, we fix it FAST!
  • Our table bases are available exclusively through authorized manufacturers and distributors of commercial restaurant furniture.


                          JI BASES- THE SOLID FOUNDATION