What makes a JI Base?

From the durability of cast iron to the versatility of our interchangeable top plates, every part of a JI Table Base is designed with your customers in mind.

Top Plates

cast iron top plates (1)

Cast Iron Family

Our top plates are made from recycled gray iron, a material that won’t bend or flex. Our expert design spreads and holds the weight of your customer's table tops. The electrostatic black textured finish is easy to clean and minimizes rusting.

  • available in 3 sizes (TP12, TP17, TP24)
  • 8 attachment/installation holes built-in
  • raised channels to support the bolt head
top plates for stainless steel bases

Stainless Steel Family

We also use cast iron top plates for our Stainless Steel Family. In addition to all the cast iron features, the top plates for stainless steel bases have notched mounting plates. These notches align with the column to prevent it from spinning. The TP17 top plate is available for both 3″ diameter (N-3) and 4″ diameter (N-4) columns.

  • available in 3 sizes (TP12N-3, TP17N-3 or TP17N-4, and TP24N-4)
  • stabilizing alignment notches
top plates for ADA flat tops


Our ADA top plate is a 3.5″ × 12″ steel plate welded to a 16-gauge steel column. This design provides excellent support while permitting wheelchairs and others ample access as the bases can be placed within 6 inches of the end of the table top.

  • available for cast iron table bases
  • designed for end/2-prong table bases


cast iron center column

Cast Iron Family

Our cast iron center column is welded 16-gauge steel tubing. The exposed surfaces are coated with a black textured powder for durability. Installation is made easy with a square bolt head atop a 7/16″ zinc-plated steel bolt.

  • precise square cut on ends to maximize stability
  • available in 3″ and 4″ diameter dining and bar heights
stainless steel center column

Stainless Steel Family

For the stainless steel family, the center column is #304 stainless steel in a brushed finish. The welded 16-gauge steel tubing is notched to fit the alignment notches on the top plates.

  • 3″ diameter available for 18″ and 22″ base plates
  • 4″ diameter available for 28″ base plates

Stainless steel columns cannot be upgraded as the notches prevent the column from moving.

center columns - footrings 2

Bar Height and Footrings

We offer bar height for cast iron and stainless steel table bases. Dimensions and materials for the bar height (BH) column can be viewed under Table Base Families. For custom measurements, we offer a special cutting upgrade. Bar height with a footring (BHFR) is available as a one-piece construction welded to the bar height column. Special cutting upgrades are not available for footring columns.

  • 3″ diameter columns have a 19″ diameter footring
  • 4″ diameter columns have a 22″ diameter footring

Base Plates

base plates cast iron

Cast Iron Family

We believe the base plate is the most important part of the table base as it acts as a counter weight for your customer’s table top. Our cast iron base plates are made from recycled gray iron, which won’t flex or bend. The underside of the cast iron base plate has support ridges for additional support to the column, adding to the overall strength of the table base.
base plates stainless steel

Stainless Steel Family

Our stainless steel family provides a sleek alternative to our cast iron family. These base plates are crafted with #304 interior-grade stainless steel. The round and square base plates are stainless steel covers over steel plates, while the pronged base plates are solid stainless steel. Like our cast iron line, these table bases come with glides pre-installed.

Assembly Aids and Glides

assembly aids 1

Assembly Platform

This assembly platform is unique to JI Bases. The platform is made from recycled paper and packed with each base plate. With the use of this little helper, customers can assemble our table bases in under one minute! For our full assembly instructions, please visit our FAQs.

a small graphic showing the assembly instructions for cast iron and stainless steel table bases

For Cast Iron Bases: Assemble upside down; place the platform between the set-up surface and top plate.

For Stainless Steel Bases: Assemble upright; place the platform between the set-up surface and bolt head.




Our glides are made from molded black plastic and nylon. The stems are galvanized to help prevent rusting. Our stems are also adjustable by hand for/to counter uneven floors.

MPG | The cast iron family comes equipped with the MPG glide. This standard glide can be used on all floor surfaces. 
    1″ diameter, stem 1/4″ 20; 3/8″ L

GL-JOG208 | For our stainless steel family, we have the GL-JOG208 glide.
    1.3″ diameter, stem 1/3″ × 1/4″ L

*JI Bases does not sell or recommend after-market glides as they could raise the height of the table base plate on the floor, allowing for possible trip hazards.

assembly aids 2

Centering Ring

The 4″ fiber centering ring is included with any upgrade from a 3″ to a 4″ column. This component fits snugly in the grooves of the base plate, guiding the column into a secure and centered fit. To install correctly, place the centering ring on the end of the bolt between the column and base plate.