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Every Table is an Island

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As we begin to lift the multitude of stay-at-home orders and restaurants begin to serve dine-in guests, the rules requiring adequate social distancing will still be in place. How do you make that happen? You make

5 Signs Your Restaurant May Need New Table Bases

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In restaurants, the tables and chairs are the single most used feature in the entire building. Hundreds of guests may come in and out of your doors each day, constantly occupying, leaning on, and bumping into your

JI Bases are THE only "Solid" Foundation you need

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Restaurant table bases and table tops come in a variety of shapes, colors, styles, sizes, etc. Choosing the designs and materials that are most suitable can increase the customer's desire to sit at the table and

Top Plates: Why Cast Iron Top Plates are Better Than Stamped Steel

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Not many people understand the true significance of the top plate on a table base. If you've never constructed a restaurant or venue table yourself, you've probably never even seen one. But for those few industry