Cast Iron 3-Prong "B" Series

As with all JI Bases the “B” Series has cast iron top plates that will not bend or flex.  The “B” Series 6″ wide prongs offer a heavier base plate in a smaller footprint. Simply because of the laws of physics, the “B” Series (3-prong) base will not wobble on an uneven surface because of it’s tripod shape keeping the top parallel with the floor.

Recommended Base by Top Size B-Series (3-prong) Bases

22×22″ Footprint Bases

Model # JIB3-22TP12

Overall Height 28.05”
Weight  22 lbs
Base Plate   21.75” cast iron, with 6” wide feet
Top Plate   13” cast iron
Metal Column    3” diameter x 25” long, 16-gauge steel
Glides   Adjustable plastic
Standard Finish   Black textured

* upgrade to a 17” top plate (model # JIB3-22TP17)
** upgrade to a 4” diameter column (model # JIB4-22TP12)

27×27″ Footprint Bases

Model # JIB3-27TP12

Overall Height 28.05”
Weight 27.5 lbs
Base Plate 26.875” cast iron, with 6” wide feet
Top Plate 13” * cast iron
Metal Column 3” ** diameter x 25” long, 16-gauge steel
Glides Adjustable plastic
Standard Finish Black textured

* Upgrade to a 17” top plate for larger tops (Model # JIB3-27TP17)
** Upgrade to a 4″ diameter column  (Model # JIB4-27TP17)

End & ADA 2-Prong Bases

End Base Model #  JIB3-622TP12

ADA Base Model #  JIB3-622TP3.5x12ADA

Overall Height    28.05″
Base Plate    6″x22″ cast iron
Top Plate (End Base)   13″ * cast iron
Column (End Base)  3″ diameter, 16 gauge steel

Top Plate/Column (ADA)  3.5″ x 12″ welded steel plate on 3″ diameter, 16 gauge steel column

Glides   Adjustable Plastic
Standard Finish    Black textured

*Upgrade to a 17″ top plate for larger tables (see size chart)

Bar-Height Tables

Model # Add suffix of BH to standard Model Number (example: JIB3-22TP12BH)
w/Footring Add suffix FR to bar height model # (example: JIB3-22TP12BHFR)

Overall Height: 40.375″

Base Plate 22” or 27” cast iron (see size chart)
Top Plate: 13″ or 17” cast iron (see size chart)

Metal Column: 3″ diameter x 37.25″ long, 16 gauge steel
4“ diameter x 37.25 long, 16 gauge steel

Glides: Adjustable plastic
Standard Finish: Black textured

Footring Diameter: 3” diameter column – 19”
4” diameter column – 22”